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Food Safe

  • Kills Bacteria

  • Improves Shelf-life

  • Safely Replace Chlorine

Benefits of using Food Safe

Food Safe is a tried and tested product. Products treated with Food Safe are not required to carry any special labeling.


Food Safe can be used at nearly any point of the harvest or slaughter process for all kind of food products. There are processing plants in Southeast Asia that still utilize chlorine as their primary disinfectant and Food Safe is a safer, more effective and legal substitution.

Food Safe can be used effectively to treat Fish, Shrimp (Prawn), Seafood, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Fruits and Vegetables.

Recommended Usage

Food Safe comes in liquid form and should be mixed in water in the ratio of about 1 to 1,000, depending on contact time with the products that you are treating.


Food Safe has been developed to improve the quality, safety and shelf life of food raw materials by reducing bacterial contamination during harvest and processing. Food Safe is a complex formulation of sodium chlorite in a proprietary solution of organic and inorganic salts and pH modifiers that is a safe and effective processing aid for seafood and prawns.

The presence of Food Safe will also act as a background sanitizer to control the growth of degrading bacteria and reduce malodors in any areas where fish or fish products are being stored, washed, treated or processed.

Food Safe conforms to the regulatory approvals by the US Food and Drug Administration and the European Commission for solutions of sodium chlorite as processing aids. It is safe to use in standard processing plants and does not form chlorine, chlorates, chloramines or hypochlorites. Food Safe is not absorbed into the food products during processing and residual levels are not detectable.

Food Safe is added to process water in processing plants in combination with an activator, to maximize its effectiveness against bacteria. Food Safe is a highly effective biocide over a wide range of concentrations, but under normal conditions, it is recommended that Food Safe be diluted in water, preferably in a continuous process with metering pumps.

Food Safe also benefits from being classified as a non-hazardous product and therefore has no special handling or storage requirements unlike similar products in the market place.

Food Safe works as a disinfectant anti-oxidant and helps maintain the quality of frozen products for longer periods of time.

The recommended dilution rate varies with the textures of the products and the contact time with the solution, and lies in the range of 1:500 to 1:4000.

Food Safe is an effective and safe anti-bacterial solution that can be applied to products after harvest or slaughter in any food industry.