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Crystal Prawn

  • Sulphite-free Anti-Melanosis Treatment

  • Prevents Blackspot


You can use Crystal Prawn to treat shrimp or prawns.


Crystal Prawn is the first product in the fishing industry to increase the shelf life, odor, taste and visual appearance of nephrops eliminating the use of sodium meta bisulphate.

Crystal Prawn is a wholly organic natural based product that controls the melanocis, bacterial degradation and subsequent shelf life by the natural action of anti-oxidants, polyphenols, melanocis blockers and osmosis controllers.

Sodium meta bisulphate only acts to improve the visual appearance of the prawns by a reverse bleaching process. These treated prawns look visibly paler than when they were caught and the sodium meta bisulphate does not help to maintain the fresh odor or the taste of older prawns and these in fact degrade rapidly over time. The sodium meta bisulphate has a strong taste of its own and also a limitation of 150ppm in the meat. Crystal Prawn has no limitation as it is a wholly natural product with no harmful chemical residues or taints.

Crystal Prawn keeps older prawns so they have the same visual appearance, taste and odor as when they were caught. As compared to the sodium meta bisulphate treatment, the Crystal Prawn produces a much more natural looking prawn in the color of the thorax, the legs and under belly. The sulphate prawn looks unnatural and chemically altered as a contrast.

Crystal Prawn is simple, safe and easy to use being applied in a dip the same as with sodium meta bisulphate. For the best prawns simply measure out a quantity of sea or fresh water bath and add the required quantity of Crystal Prawn, leave for 10 minutes and ice as normal.

Crystal Prawn is used to treat Melanosis in Shrimp and Prawns and will prevent the onset of Blackspot.