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Greenfresh Innovation
Bacterial Control Solutions for the Food Industry

Greenfresh Innovation: Bacterial Control Solutions for Your Industry

The food industries in Asia are struggling more and more with stricter laws regarding processing aids and methods. The current common method is to use chlorine to kill bacteria, but this will soon be illegal like it already is in certain European countries, as it is hazardous to humans too.

Greenfresh Innovation is providing 100% bacterial control solutions through a range of natural innovative products that do not require declaration or labeling and leave no residues. These products are developed in Europe and are designed to safely replace the chemicals used today, improve the value and shelf life of the final food product without affecting taste, odor, and appearance.

Greenfresh Innovation products are applicable to all steps in processing where the threat of bacterial infection exists. All food processing industries, whether they be poultry, seafood, pork, beef, fruit or vegetable related, can benefit from using Greenfresh Innovation products.

Tests done on prawns using Greenfresh Innovation products have shown a shelf life extension of up to 150% and a stop to Melanocis, a common threat to prawns. In vegetable and meat industries, similar spectacular results have been achieved, surpassing market alternatives and maintaining health and safety standards.

Various companies already see the impact that Greenfresh Innovation will have on the international export markets, because they will be able to meet the high standards of food quality in destination countries.

The benefits of using Greenfresh Innovation products:

  • Considered as a Food Processing Aid, no labeling required
  • Has British, EU, South African, Australian, and New Zealand certifications
  • 100% natural products
  • Does not contain and cannot produce chlorine
  • Can safely replace chlorine
  • Prevent bacterial growth
  • Improve the quality and grade of the products
  • Anti-oxidizing qualities